#1 quality foam Diamond Supreme's 'Azadi Campaign' sparks controversy. Azadi campaign or a Vogue shoot?

Image courtesy: Instagram

As the fourteenth of August methodologies, all brands race to up their advertising game to augment deals for their Azadi campaigns. One such brand is Diamond Supreme, the commonly recognized name for everything froth-related! Be that as it may, individuals are upset, or rather, are mistaken for what the brand needed to accomplish.

Diamond Supreme’s arrangement for Azadi weekend is that they are offering 14% off on all sleeping mattresses and adornments. To advance this arrangement, they have planned posts with totally green backgrounds and the date, fourteenth August. In any case, what is incongruent in the posts, is the model dressed like it’s for a Vogue shoot.

Where Is The Foam?

Image courtesy: Instagram

Snap this photo, for example! Where is the Diamond Supreme thing that can be bought on a deal? Underneath the model’s foot! Many probably won’t look there or comprehend that this is a thing of Diamond Supreme Foam.

This promoting effort is currently being generally talked about across a few online media gatherings and many didn’t have positive comments.

Netizens called attention to that it is indistinct what message they’re attempting to administer. First-rate design outfits, looks, and models ought not to be Diamond Supreme’s concern, promoting the actual item ought to be. Besides, regardless of whether ‘style’ is the reminder here, individuals are horrified by the selection of socks.

Image courtesy: Instagram

Many are calling this a bombed showcasing technique since where is the foam? The thing that would draw in individuals to the brand is sidelined in the image and made to look auxiliary to the model. The spotlight in the image is on everything except the item.

Notwithstanding, while we might reprimand their execution consciously, we can likewise attempt to widen our brains. For example, it may be the case that they planned to make this advertisement about resilient ladies. The “Baaghi” tattoo on the shoulder of the model is a gesture to the ladies’ development against man centric society. The solid outfit, the incongruent socks, all could be pointing towards a not lady need to fit in.

The pillow underneath her feet could likewise represent that she is attesting predominance over family things. The very things and the idea that has been compelling ladies till now. Accordingly, they may be representing Azadi of Pakistan with the Azadi of ladies.

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Well! It doesn’t look like an Azadi campaign shot in Pakistan. More looks like promoting feminism in a controversial manner. Somewhat the picture says something else but the fact is behind.

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Is it an Islamic Republic? Hum kiss cheez ki adaazi mana rhe hain aisa wahyat photoshoot krk :grimacing::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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Yes! That’s the way it shows.

Modern campaigns, modern advertisements.