10 most Important Informations which anchor Imran khan received from PM Imran Khan | On Record | OFF the Record

1- PM Imran Khan said that he does not care whether he stays in power or not. He will never compromise on anything wrong just to save his authority. He can only compromise for his people, economy, and Pakistan.

2- He also said that inquiries are going on against some of the most important people, including politicians, land-grabbing mafias, businessmen, and mafias who carried out operations with political parties. Federal investigation agencies are conducting inquiries against them, and much evidence has been gathered. In the coming days, after gathering all the evidence big and strong accountability cases are going to be made in NAB, FIA, and other agencies and this time no corrupt person could escape.

3- PM Imran Khan acknowledged that the shortcomings of the system could not be solved in one fell swoop. He also admitted that the system of accountability and economy is not good and many things need to be reformed in Pakistan. He said that if he did it all at once, it would be the same as when he came to power and he tried to fix everything at once. He tried to eliminate the gray areas, and the result was that people became unemployed. The government has been blackmailed and the economy was deliberately brought down which caused loss to Pakistan. That’s why he has to fix everything slowly.

4- Furthermore, PM Imran Khan said that inflation will take time to come under control, he did not give any specific timeline that how long inflation will take to come under control. The future will not be full of jobs, the economy will not improve and inflation cannot be controlled so quickly because of the pandemic. He also said that his government needs time to fix all these problems and hopefully, in the last year of his government, he would be able to fix all these problems.

5- Saudi Arabia, other Arab countries, and America are pressuring Pakistan to accept Israel so that the way of Saudi Arabia can be cleared and they can too accept Israel.

6- Trump’s defeat is going to create a lot of problems for Muhammad bin Salman.

7- PM Imran Khan clearly said that Pakistan’s future is now linked to China.

8- PM Imran Khan could not find better people for himself. His team couldn’t able to satisfy him as well as Pakistan.

9- PM Imran Khan said that he has all the information about Nawaz Shareef that he is corrupt, but the information is of such level that he can’t prove it in court. It is the reports from agencies and Pakistan’s courts do not take action on the agency’s reports.

10- Anchor Imran Khan asked some questions from PM Imran Khan but he didn’t answer him rather he said one day he will give answers to these questions but just once let him stand on his feet first.