12 times people were tired of you because you are a sarrial person

You may not realise but you are a sarrial person if you have ever been in any of these situations with those around you.
Shall we found out if you’re sarrial?
When you are not doing anything you just sit in a bad mood.

You have been told you have a natural resting bitch face.

You take a joke very seriously.

Sometimes even a light-hearted joke sets you off.

Your usual response to most things.

You are in that bad mood that even you sometimes wonder why you are a sarrial?

You don’t care about 99.9% of the things.


You have said this on more than 1 occasion.

People keep asking you why you are in a bad mood but you are not,it’s just who you are.

People are very guarded around you and constantly think they did something wrong.

On days, when you are in a good mood, you have surprised people with your sense of humour.

You have been asked aap hanste bhi hein!on more than one occasion.

Manhoos bili is your spirit animal.
You can relate to this cat on so many levels.

But No matter how sarrial you are, dil k boht achy hein bs dunya qadar nahi karti apki.
Is this how your sarrial life is like?







Dialogue mai bt krny ka bhi apna hi maza h :rofl::joy:

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This is hilarious :joy:

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Thank you for your appreciation.

Now that’s hilarious :joy:

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Glad you like it,