15-year-old suspect arrested for killing 14-year-old Talha for liking the same girl. Where are we heading to? Is this an age to make such decisions?

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The bleakest piece of information has surfaced on social media in the recent period. There is a lot of upsetting news that we go over consistently. Nonetheless, this one may make the hair on your arm remain on end. It includes the torture and killing of a fourteen-year-old kid! As indicated by sources, the kid, Talha, had been visiting his fatherly uncle in Lahore. He went out on Tuesday to play and didn’t return for certain hours.

After dispatching a pursuit, the police discovered his expired body in an under-developed house by the Uncle’s home. The whole incident has left everybody in a significant condition of shock and disdain. It appears to be that the suspect is a fifteen-year-old kid. The suspect, Raza, said he did as such over a debate. It is a dull day in the nation when young people have turned to this sort of viciousness.

The suspect, Raza, is a companion of the expired and probably his nearest one. It appears to be that Talha planned to seal the deal with a young girl later on in years. In any case, Raza had given a proposal to the young girl, who had rejected it. This is the superb inspiration that drove Raza to submit the incomprehensible.

Along these lines, Raza tortured and killed Talha out of sheer vengeance. Is this what we resort to on such an issue? Can we not use words to articulate our thoughts and rather perform deplorably nauseating demonstrations? There is no court on the planet or the world after, where such a demonstration can at any point be defended.

As indicated by another source, Talha’s cousin said that the executioner is not a 15-year-old, rather an 8-year-old. His dad is a reputable lawyer who is saving his child after what has been finished. Raza visited Talha and requested that he hang out, and the late consented to do as such. The speculate then took the late companion to an empty part and continued to thump him with a hammer. The body has gone for a post-mortem yet the underlying report likewise showed scars on the body. These imprints pointed towards torture before the killing, which the suspect has additionally admitted to.

Everybody is hoping to get equity for Talha, an individual struck down before the prime of his life. He had dreams, he had objectives for his life. God knows how the guardians of the poor soul are doing. There are no words for the misfortune a parent feels after they lose their kid. We just expect them to discover the solidarity to continue to move.

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Parents play a key role in mental sharpening of children. They should keep an eye on them.

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