17-Year-Old Ayesha Shaikh Becomes Pride of Pakistan by Winning the Diana Award

In a world full of chaos, commotion, negativity, nuisance, and violence, anything positive, enthusiastic, encouraging, and appreciable is always welcomed with open arms. While media is spreading negativity, few ‘patriotic people’ have picked up the arms of Tiktok and SnackVideo to spread positivity. Following the same course, let me also spread some positivity through the platform of FrontPage.Pk.

Ayesha Shaikh, a seventeen-year-old girl from Sukkur has received the British Diana Award along with seven other Pakistani youngsters for promoting education, health, and self-sustainability among the deprived populace of Sindh. The Diana Award is the highest accolade conferred upon a person for his social work or philanthropic efforts.

Ayesha has rendered services to her community during the Coronavirus outbreak and provided the hapless families with ration and other useful stuff. She has helped around 500 families from her local area. Work on such a scale by a seventeen-year-old is highly commendable.

Also, she did not just help the poor by providing for their needs temporarily, she also helped them become self-sufficient so that they may spend their lives ahead without any external support. Ayesha launched the courses of content-writing, digital marketing, business, use of social media, discussion, communication, and leadership. With these courses, Ayesha empowered the deprived masses of her community.

Furthermore, she has also worked for the counseling of people in the distressing time of pandemic when unemployment was soaring high and people did not have enough means of subsistence. She says: ‘’Mental Health is not considered a disease in Pakistan’’, and therefore, through her efforts, hundreds of people were counseled.

All these achievements of Ayesha are unique, appreciable, and highly encouraging for the youth. The fact that she has done all this merely at the age of seventeen adds more awe and inspiration to her wonderful story. Her story has important lessons for each one of us and instills in us a strong will to work and strive for the betterment of our countrymen.



This is great
Great work done by her really appreciateable work done by her

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Yes. She has also become an inspiration for the youth.

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