5 Most Beautiful Islands in the World! ๐Ÿ’™

We all dream of visiting such heavenly places for at least once in our lifetime. To get to experience such breathtaking islands is like hitting a jackpot itself but very few are fortunate enough to do so. Islands conjure dreams of paradise: an escape from the rat race and a perfect patch of sand where you can relax under rustling palms and gaze at a serene blue sea. :heart::rainbow::ocean::wind_face:

But not all islands are created the same. The beauty of some is defined more by the sea that surrounds them, which can completely captivate you.

Here are 5 most beautiful islands in the world.


The Maldives are home to some of the worldโ€™s most ravishing islands, but itโ€™s the sea which truly makes these islands shine. Aquamarine water with a crystal clarity lap upon the dazzling white shores, which barely peek above the Indian Ocean. Its a sight to be hold!

Bora Bora

Shaped like a giant sombrero, this lush volcanic island stars in countless South Pacific fantasies. The best asset to this tropical beauty is its ravishing lagoon in technology turquoise. Fish, turtles, sharks and rays swim in the clear water. And if you can afford, get yourself a luxurious over-the-water bungalow and bask in your good fortune as you fall asleep to the gentle slosh of the sea.


Palawan is the Phillippineโ€™s answer to paradise. This island is absolutely breathtaking with lush limestone peaks rising from jewel-like sea so clear that you can almost see the expressions on the fish from above the surface. Other attractions include the islandsโ€™ unique wildlife, emerald lakes and quaint fishing villages.


Pristine and picture-perfect, the Seychelles are worth travelling for. Itโ€™s in the East of Kenya. It features some of the planetโ€™s richest fishing grounds, making this a top destination for anglers


Baliโ€™s intoxicating culture is a feast for the senses. Surfing, swimming and sunbathing are popular activities at the islands beautiful beaches and tourist will find so many other things to do on this exotic isle from temple hopping and sightseeing in the lush countryside to spa treatments, shopping and hiking. It is indeed one of the most expensive place to visit.


Indeed beautiful and best places to visit once.

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