6 ways students can make money


When you are a student, life is at its best; all you have to do is study hard and enjoy life to the fullest—nothing major concerns you except getting good grades. But a little downside you feel as a student is not having enough money to spend on yourself. Whether it’s about outings with friends, getting your favorite mobile phone, or spending on some genuine needs. Mostly, we become financially secure after securing our first job. But what about the concerns we face before getting stable. And how can we cope with this subject?

Before, we had some traditional means like working in a grocery store or becoming a part-time delivery boy to earn few bucks. But given how fast-paced the world these days is, the internet has opened too many doors of opportunities that we hardly even think of. Now you can earn money from the comfort of your home by utilizing your existing skills.

Everyone possesses some hidden talent; let out that hidden talent of yours and utilize it to make passive income. If you know nothing about how this whole phenomenon works, nothing to be worried about, we have got you fully covered with basics.

Manage social media accounts of small business

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Online shopping has become a trend in Pakistan for the past 3 to 4 years. Businesses are going online rather than setting a physical store because it saves them a lot. Millions of people are approaching these brands through social media. These businesses have their accounts on Facebook, Instagram which is being operated by social media handlers. Their task is to keep these accounts updated and answer the queries. You can join their team too. Search for a new startup, ask them if they need a social media handler, and if they do, negotiate your monthly fee and take a start.
Beginner’s guide as social media manager

Sell your photographs

It will definitely help you make a significant amount every month. Only you need a good high-quality camera and your passion for photography. Work with local brands in standing out their product utilizing your passion.
There is another way you can make it work, and that’s by uploading your photographs on the stock images website like Adobe stock and shutter stock. People pay for your photographs, and you get the money. The pictures can be of anything you find charming and worth capturing.
Websites to sell photos online

Sell your drawing skill.


Do you have a knack for drawing? This skill can get you to work from sketching humans, digital invitation cards to illustrating books cover, children’s storybook, and much more.
This field promises you great earnings if you have the skills to influence your customers with your quality work.
How to start illustration with a bang



Do you enjoy storytelling? Have you watched Dora and the explorer? The voices you hear as a certain character voice is a recorded voice, which is what voiceover is. You have to give your voice to a character, do storytelling, or even read a book.
How to do voice over like expert

Set up your youtube channel

Youtube is a widespread platform with hundreds of videos being uploaded every minute. Set up your youtube channel. Go for your area of interest. It might be vlogging, cooking, or tech-related. It’s not as complicated as it seems. Work smart, and with persistence, you will get the result.
Initials you must know before launching your channel

Freelance Writing

To all of those who once used to dream about becoming a writer and opting for it as a profession, this is the chance for you. Grab it and make great use of it by fulfilling your passion as well as meeting your financial needs. If you possess good writing skills, understand how to sway the reader with your writing, you will ultimately do great.
How to start out as a freelance writer

Translation Job


If you happen to know other languages, this will too help you getting work. In whichever language book is published or needs to translate, you must have a firm grip on getting the initial text right and demonstrating the meaning accurately in whatever language you are told to. This is definitely a hectic and mind-challenging task, but the money you earn worth the amount of hard work you put in.
How to become freelance translator

I hope the article will serve the purpose and help you start out. If have any inquiries, mention in the comments below, I will be pleased to help you.


One more way to earn is by teaching.

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Wow! Thanks for sharing that! I’ll definitely try out freelance writers and translation. :smiley:

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my pleasure :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face:

yeah that one is also a reliable earning source

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I’ll suggest to create an account on upwork.com, it’s one of the best and most trusted platform for freelancers. If you really want to do something from home and for family then you should go there for sign up with the following phrase in mind; “mama didn’t raise no quitter.” :+1:


definitely, that’s note-worthy advice. But before stepping into such a huge competitive ring, I would recommend newbies should start out from existing freelancing groups on Facebook as it will gradually help them know how to keep their pace and attract more clients.

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Develop a skill and be an expert in that specific field and never compromise on your rates then…
Well explained

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Wow. That is great. I think we must accept that anyone can work in the 21st century.