65-year-old Suzzane from Switzerland is exploring Pakistan on a bicycle

Pakistan is a country that is blessed with beautiful places that attract people from all around the world to visit them at least once. Pakistan has green valleys, beautiful lakes, high mountains and mighty rivers. In simple words, its beauty is unmatchable.

In addition to this, its beauty has also attracted several international vloggers and bloggers. They are Rosie Gabrielle , Eva Zu Beck, Mark Wiens, Alyne Tamir and many others. They also expressed their thoughts about tourism in Pakistan and also promoted it.


Now a 65-year-old woman named Suzzane from Switzerland is exploring Pakistan on a bicycle. Yeah, you heard it right! She is visiting the northern areas to explore their culture and traditions. Moreover, she travelled from Balakot to Gilgit Baltistan and then head to Chitral and Swat on her bicycle.

She said that:

“Swat Valley is very safe. There is no problem.”

She also added that:

“You can travel and no one will bother you.”

She found that people were helpful if you got into any trouble.
She also remarked that:

“I will tell everyone in Switzerland to visit Pakistan.”

She ended up saying:

“Everyone likes chai”.

To sum up, Pakistan is full of beautiful places. In stand to this reason, tourism in Pakistan has also been promoted by foreign bloggers.

Source: Sama.tv

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