7 Websites a student should know


Being a student put us under colossal pressure to become a thriving student and get straight A’s every time. Having the continued reminder of becoming a bright student and passing every class with flying colors keeps us motivated to work hard, which is a good thing. But there are times when too many things accumulated together, resulting us unable to get anything straight. We feel like being caught up in our heads, incapable of finding a way out of this unhealthy situation. Trying hard to get our heads around the study material even doesn’t do any good. To break out of that bubble, we need to do both smart and hard work and implement some life-changing hacks alongside.

I, too, have encountered that dead feeling, which backed me to find a way not to feel like the same anymore. In essence, I came across these few websites that seemed to help me achieve my goal. And they did. All these websites ganged up to make my study routine healthy and exciting. I also find it worth sharing with you, so here I’m sharing these essentials with you.



If you consistently fail to attain the required readability or quality, your essay needs to have. Hemingway will be a lifesaver for you. This utterly free editing tool will take your writing skills to another level. From telling how hard to read sentences, which adverb needs to be cut out to shaping the whole context with excellent readability, this editor is a complete package. And that also for free.



For all those students trying to figure out the back-breaking calculus, derivation question, or any form of math, Symbolab will make problem-solving as easy as pie for you. This particular website solves calculus, integration, derivation, geometry; in short, every math problem with step by step solutions. Put any problem you find difficult in the problem-solving bar and get an answer the next instant. You can also practice while keeping a check on your progress.

Stack Exchange

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Stack Exchange is a question-answer website where you can ask any question from every subject and get away with the complexity confusing you. Within a few hours of asking the question, you get a satisfactory answer. And if it’s all free, then what can be better than this. Especially amid the covid period, when no physical classes are going on, this can be your first go space.

Khan Academy


Khan Academy, a popular name in the world of online education, is a non-profit organization since its beginning. It was and still is my all favorite source to let any confusion away. With Thousands of video lectures, hundreds of written notes on every existing subject, Khan Academy tops the chart as always. The teachers here break down every topic into further topics, making everything easily understandable. You are also provided with a discussion space to strip away any remaining confusion after lectures.



Udemy is the most approached source for learning or polishing any skill. You can find plenty of courses with tons of worth. The one factor which makes Udemy top class is its course’s low rates compared to its fellow platforms. But for the students not well enough to bear these expenses, Udemy also offers plenty of free courses which are also no less than paid courses.

Google Scholar


Many people don’t know that a literary version of google named Google Scholar exists. This search engine served the geek purpose of providing research scholarly literature. This simply means it contains all the researched publications that have a mighty use in our assignments and presentations. Using google scholar makes it possible to get our hands on fully researched articles, books, and thesis in one click.

Keep Me Out


Social media and Netflix have their fair share of distractions when it comes to studying diligently. There is this app called “keep me out,” which tries to hinder people from getting distracted. So you bookmark facebook or whatever site you feel is distracting on this app and set a time period. Within that amount of time, whenever you open Facebook or other sites, you will be given a warning. The warning turn your thoughtful mode on motivating you to finish the set time period.

Here all the websites I find extremely useful for myself. I hope you also get to benefit from the above-mentioned educational websites.


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