800 days of PTI government completed, inflation reached the highest level in 8 years

The 800 days of the PTI government have come to an end, but during this period, the prices of essential commodities for the people continued to rise.

According to a document submitted by the statistics agency, based on the average price of 17 major cities of the country, during the 800 days of the government, the average price of sugar became Rs 45.88 per kg.

In August 2018, the average price of sugar was Rs 55.59 per kg, which has now risen to Rs 101.47 per kg, while the price of sugar had also reached Rs 103 per kg.

The document states that between August 2018 and November 2020, dal mash became expensive by Rs 102, dal masoor by Rs 47, dal mung by Rs 119, dal chana by Rs 26, goat meat by Rs 203 and beef by Rs 98 per kg.

In the 800 days of the PTI government, a 20 kg bag of flour also became expensive. In August 2018, the average price of a 20 kg bag of flour was Rs 771 which has now increased to Rs 989.

According to the statistics agency, under the present government, fresh milk is priced at Rs 20 per liter, yogurt at Rs 19, potato at Rs 40, onion at Rs 37, rice at Rs 15, garlic at Rs 114 and live chicken broiler at Rs 89 per kg and 2.5 kg of ghee. The price of eggs went up by Rs 160 per tonne, while egg prices rose by Rs 72 per dozen during the same period.

Officials said that during the current tenure, electricity prices rose by Rs3.85 per unit and gas by 334%, while the increase in prices put an additional burden of more than Rs550 billion on electricity and gas consumers.

From August 2018 to November 2020, the dollar rose by Rs 36 from Rs 123 to Rs 159 while the highest level of the dollar had reached Rs 167 at one point.

According to the document, under the current government, average inflation reached an eight-year high, with an average inflation rate of 10.74% in FY2019 to 4.68% in FY17-18.