83-year-old man passes LLB exam in Lahore, making him one of the oldest lawyers in Pakistan's history

Image Source: Parhlo.com

In our society, old age is generally defined as the age of not being able to do anything, most people begin to feel incapable of doing anything at this age and this kind of thinking makes them suffer from mental illnesses. A global study has found that if older people are encouraged to gain new experiences, take an interest in life routines, their lives can be improved and if they are socialized by taking a positive part in revolutionary activities, they can lead society forward as useful human beings.

In this regard, 83-year-old Abdul Rehman implemented this formula to his life, studied the law, and passed LLB, and surprised everyone. It is certainly commendable for a senior citizen to get a degree at this age.

At the age of 83, Abdul Rehman, who is still a handsome guy, hails from Lahore, has applied for a law license, and has become the oldest lawyer in the country’s history. “In our society, men are very cruel to women, which is why I have decided to stand up in the courts only to bring justice to such girls at this age,” he said.

Of course, if quality education is used, then it is clear that education plays a very important role in sharpening one’s mental talents. Thus, the more intelligent a person is by nature and the more he or she will have the opportunity to improve his or her abilities through education and training, the more his or her mental abilities will continue to function for a long time to come. After his wife’s death, he was associated with education, and today he has become a lawyer with his hard work and dedication.

Image Source: Samaa TV

Abdul Rehman is the father of ten children and grandfather of many, and his grandchildren are very happy to have him with them.

Abdur Rehman and many other dedicated senior citizens like him are the best examples in our society for all those who, in old age, become depressed and frustrated by negative thoughts and begin to consider themselves useless and lose their abilities. Rust with hands. It is said that if the determination is high, a person can do the greatest work and Abdul Rehman is a living example for our youth.

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