A Bomb Blast IN New Anarkali , Lahore

What is home??? Why we need it???
Are u eligible to answer it???:thinking:

No …!! Okay! Lemme tell you my views we need home to remain protected and safe. If the weather is harsh or something unconditional happens so our home protect us from that unconditional happenings. We feel comfortable and happy in our own homes. You can say that its a source of pleasure , safety and comfort …

Now lemme know your opinions about a state or country??
Why we need it???
Why we separated from India???
Why at that time we needed a new state???

State is also our home. In India Muslims were not safe. They move everywhere with fear of death. They were not comfortable there. So they needed a state to be comfortable , safe and protected and to live their lives according to their own will…

Means… We need a country to have security and comfort…!!!

We live in a state that was established for the sake of freedom , independence , security and safety of people and to led others (Non-Muslims) to live their lives according to their own cultures and traditions.

Do you agree with it …???

Yes …!!:thinking::thinking:

But I don’t , because the state in which we are living now and where our ancestors used to live is totally different from the state which Quaid wanted, for which he struggled alot , and which was his dream to have for Muslims. Moreover , no one is safe in this state , no one has freedom to practice their religion here. Everyone who go out for work in the morning , always wonder will i come back home safely??? Because he thinks that he lives in a start where there is danger everywhere…

Quaid e azam and our ancestors fought for this state??? No way…!!! However , They fought for the state which will protect all , in which everyone will be safe, in which there will be no fear to anyone.

:point_right:Students in Schools , Colleges and Universities are not safe. They dont know when they will be attacked by some people.
:point_right:People in Bazaar are not safe.
:point_right:Non Muslims working in Pakistan are not safe.

Lets come to the original topic of our discussion , that is a bomb blast in Anarkali.

An undefined , unexplainable and horror event occur a few days ago.

I am Studying in PUCIT situated in Old Anarkali. I was just attempting my Lab at that time when I just received the news about a blast. My heartbeat was just increased and i was also horrified at that moment. My heart began to cry because I was stuck and broken at an event occur a few months ago that i will share later on with you. I just forgot that i was attempting my lab. Am just shocked and began to question myself where I am leaving??? Is it Pakistan??? Is it a state that was established by Quaid??? Where are our leaders? Where is our police? And I just lost my senses.

Then suddenly I opened my Phone, saw that news on Twitter and what i saw there made me more upset and push me away from patriotism.I saw that this blast was near a person who was Just selling coconuts :pleading_face::pleading_face::pleading_face::pleading_face: A poor man!!! Who is helpless and speechless before this government :pleading_face::pleading_face::pleading_face::pleading_face: This even just broke me… A person who was selling coconuts and living his life hand to mouth was blasted … What will his family do now? What his children will think now??? How they spend their remaining lofe now??? These thoughts just put me in trouble and made me mad.

Where is our Government??? Why they are sleeping? Are they not fimiliar with these happenings??? Why this happens again and again in our country???

Because our government is just busy to stop the opposition and to secure their seats and government. They are not concerned with their public. These poor people are not their own relatives so they don’t feel any pain and coz they are leaders their humanity is also killed.

Now most of you will say that these things happen in all most all countries not particularly in Pakistan. I admit this , but in that countries the victim is arrested in few hours or approximately in a day and sentenced to death. In our country people know that no one will stop us and their is no rule that can punish us. And when one is not punished , it give a push to others to do the same. One day , when someone is arrested and not left without death , the public will be aware and the victims stopped doing these things.

Please , stop caring your opposition and start worrying about your public and the thing happening under your government. It will bw good for you and also for us… Please… We admit we gave you vote but we didn’t know we were calling our destroyers ourself. Please …think for us not for your seats and protect your people not your posts. Our lives are more important then your seats and government…

Anyone wonder why all these things happen when a fight or misunderstanding was going on in our government with its opposition???

At that time…the victims think that everyone is busy for protecting their seats and respect so we have time to do so!!! And they are right… Our govt has not time time for its public and they get a chance…

What will happen now about this blast? A news on TV for two to three days…fake news about the arresting of peoples and at last closure of case and victims are still out and planning for another event… This is our Government and its policies about protecting us…

Please wake up and learn about your responsibilities assigned to you as a ruler and a Muslim by Islam and Quaid e Azam.

Stop these things, that put us in fear and force us to lost our spirit of patriotism. We are real patriots but these happenings are forcing us to left Pakistan just to live a happy and safe life. It is not easy to leave your home but we have to do to safe our self and to move away from these brutalities.

As, HAZOOR SAW also didnt wanna leave Makkah but their people and their behavior just forcer Him to do so.

Because most of youngsters like me are thinking about these things and they also get the same answers as i get from my mind. And as a result all will leave this beautiful country and mostly our youth has left Pakistan and went abroad and I think in upcoming years approximately everyone will leave it if same happens here because life is precious to everyone…

At last plx … think our it please… I am still shocked and my heart goes crying whenever i remember about this blast and specially about that coconut seller… please protect us and our country…so we can mover anywhere without any fear…


This incident took place near my University, Punjab University College of Pharmacy and at that moment I too was performing my Pharmacognosy lab. God knows who is allegedly trying to defame the nation at such a time when our economic GDP is growing and PSL7 is on its way.


Same and we just forgot that we are doing our labs am also busy in my lab and just lost our senses. Am also from pucit near that event ,even we didn’t heard any voice , but it burnt our hearts.

Our government is not unite …so it will definitely happens…


And unfortunately they are blaming our University Balochistan students for this :pleading_face:

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Exactly this seems so ridiculous, blaming the oldest institute of Lahore for this shameful act.

Itne number le ke PU main admission milta hai or yeh 2-minute nae lagate terrorist bolne main!! :triumph:

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Communist sympathisers did this! and you can’t change my mind. They are as worse as extremists, communism has always drawn blood, whether it’s Mao’s great leap forward or Russian revolution.

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Hahahahahaha ! Admission ka link kaha sa a gia …bhot nmbro wala bacha e bd ma asa kam krta jab job wahara pass na ho … But its a blame no doubt am just talking generally…

A true supporter of pu nixe…pata ni hum PUCIT wala q ni haq ma :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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No matter who did this… But our govt should take severe actions regarding this not just make a news for few days

Mr Zaeem Rajput Baluchistan Liberation Army a terrorist outfit did it by using misled Lal brigade students from our big name universities so the noise is not without reason, smoke isn’t without fire. I’m curious, why r you defending the traitors so passionately?


Firstly , its not zaeem rajput! Sorry to say

And secondly, i need solid evidences about you say…!!! How can you say that with so confirmation… No student is involved with it… Its always done by our opposition and other main powers to distract media… Why they do so??? By blasting in Anarkali what will they gain???

And thirdly my main concern is to awake govt , police and our safety providers to take strict actions to stop these things otherwise it will take place in such a high level that no one can stop it…

We used to punish someone , to punish him and woth him we aware others not to do this . Otherwise you will be punished so much. But in our country no one was punished and due to Which all others do the same act as they know that no one will stop them

So i begged to govt just to take rapid actions to arrest the victims and sentenced to death .

Everyone knows the APS event! And the people behind them! Will you blame Balochistan army liberation again??? And you know the people behind them!!!

Sri Lankan citizen event ??? Blochi…???

Will u blame again???

You have no solid evidence.
Even if they were doing why our govt is sleeping if they know all. Even you know the person behind this event , then why not our govt???

You should be a regular here! How come we not see more of your work? Fantastically articulated thoughts, bravo.

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Ahan thanks :blush:

I have stopped expecting anything from this government of buffoons, everything is in shambles, they need to go ASAP. Khuda Ke Liye hamein purana Pakistan wapis do!

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Hama porana wapis ni chaia hama wel educated and shaped Parkside chaia jahan sab mahfooz or maxa sa zindagi guzar skan

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bhai purana wala wohi to thha, ab dehshatgardi itne saalon baad phhir se sarr uthha rahi hai, baki taleem, ilaj, tameer o taraqqi wagera k mamle ma zaroor behteri ki gunjaish hai


The real force behind this terrorism was our previous governments not this government. But he has to stop it now but he is not doing so and playing the same role as the previous politicians do.
Everyone knows the murderer of BENZIR BHUTTO.
EVERYONE knows the people behind APS destruction.

So they are real terrorist.
We dont need a new or a old pakistan. We need a Pakistan in which all rules are implemented and which will be run according to the ideology behind the creation of Pakistan .

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