A Couple in Scotland Captured a Clip of 'Mysterious Object'. Was it Really a UFO?

We all are aware of the Unidentified Flying Objects (UFO). It is now has become the major subject of interest for humans around the world. But we haven’t seen any them in real life. Some people claim that they have sighted them. Well, I don’t agree with them!


In addition to this, a couple in Scotland filmed a clip of strange object which according to them might be a UFO. It was floating in the sky and was heading southwest region of city from northwest Glasgow. The girl name Lynsey Currie said that her boyfriend captured the mysterious object whose shape is still not determined.

Well, this is not the first time that a UFO has been sighted in a couple of months. A woman name Aiyana from Chicago USA also filmed a strange flying object. She quoted that:

“I literally have no idea what it was. There is nothing comparable. It was a ball of some sort with two long strings or belts hanging from it.”

Now people are astonished and are creeped out after the video of that suspicious object has gone viral on the internet.

Source: Arynews.tv

What’s your view on it? Have you also seen such mysterious object in your life? Let us know in the comments section.