A desi household in a nutshell! Oh! I mean, in memes!

Are you living in a desi family? If, yes! Then you must give it a read.

1. Did I hear someone’s making Chaye?
Everyone is ready for black tea every time. All you have to do is ask, "Kis kisny chaye peeni hai?
And everyone be like:

2.Summer! bummer!
Privacy what? You all are confined to that one common AC wala room. Your personal life is everyone’s now. But don’t worry! You get to share their lives too. :face_with_hand_over_mouth: :laughing:
And then, there is a little drizzle outside!! Well! now it’s all cool and cozy. There is no need of turning on the air conditioner that night.
But I guess! We can live with that.
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3. You don’t need to worry about your future anymore!
Because it has already been decided by your parents before you were even born.
“Mera beta tou engineer bnega”
“Meri beti? Wo tou pedaishi dactar hai”

4. What did you say cookies??
Sorry to disappoint you, but this is the national sewing kit.
“Gurya! wo silayi waly dabbay mn sy kala dhaga pkrana”

5.When you have more than one siblings…
It’s a great rainy evening. Your father brought samosas for sham ki chaye. Your siblings ate their share already but you were late somehow. Now they all are looking at your samosa.
You be like: Now this is war!

6.Oh! Shit! You broke that Ammi k jahez ka glass?
Don’t worry! You have plenty of people to blame on.
Ummm… But who?
Oh, that middle child. No one gonna believes him anyway…

7.Getting bored? Let’s watch something on TV.
Alas! Your sister got the remote first.
Now, you are sitting there watching whatever she likes.

8. "Zero teenso bayi painti batali…"
Kya? Kya?
*panic *
English mn btayen naw please…
Meanwhile, Daddy on-call telling me to note down that contact number.

You sitting with your family. Suddenly, your phone starts ringing. Everyone is looking at you now. You pick up the call and leaves the room, saying “Ek minute! Main apsy bahir ja k baat krti hun”

10. During every family discussion…
Dad is discussing family expenses and business crises. Everyone sharing their opinion.
Meanwhile, a middle child trying to talk into it.
Everyone be like:

Unfortunately! This is the end. These are just my illustrations. You all are welcome to add yours. If you can relate to any of it, gives it a heart. :wink: :wink:


Hahahaha. Right on target


Haha! Thanks alot. :heart:

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Qurat You nailed it.Ap new hein kia?I have never seen your article before.I m old member of this page.MasahAllah how beautifully you written.Last time march mein mene topic win kia tha wo topic mera tha #Desi myths in Desi Families :slight_smile: You can check us k bd apka topic read kia mjhe thra thra acha lga mtlb illustrations se zada apne likha acha hua hai. Keep it up


Hahaha can relate :joy:


Yes! I am new… And Thanks alott for your appreciation, mam. It literally means alot. I’ll surely read yours too. Belated congratulations on your win! :heart: Looking forward to hear more from you.:heart:

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:joy::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: Thank you!

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InshaAllah keep it up.

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