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If i have learnt anything from this pandemic its that life is very very unpredictable.If somebody told me One year ago a tiny virus will come and take over the entire world and completely change our ways of living…I probably would have laughed it off!but here we are :zipper_mouth_face:
This unpredicatability of life made me stop waiting for tomorrow ,next month and next year… If i want to do something i am doing it Today! Right Now… With this i have become more aware of my present and it really helped me put things in perspective.Instead of fighting about tomorrow and regreting of my yesterday:dove: I Focus on the challenge of today and it somehow becomes easier to tackle! This has also helped me more grateful for every little blessing in my life .I have learnt to live life one day at a time and honestly it helped me a lot :slight_smile:

Trust me i know life is really tough .Try taking it one day at time.Focus your energy on today and u ll definitely dealing with things more effeciently :slight_smile: Stay Safe Stay Healthy Wear Mask and remember us in your prayers :mask:


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Yeah…and people know they are suffering with corona but still did not admit it and don’t wear mask…common sentence is I am having seasonal flu and fever…what to do


People still think it’s drama​:expressionless::expressionless::expressionless:


Exactly The people who r suffering from this shit knows v well that its a Fucking disease dedtroys our loves ones econmic educations everything but ppl still thinks thats its a drama u r right @Sani We should wear mask and avoid to go to crowded places … May Allah forgive our sins and wash away our homeland from this virus Ameen

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May Allah protect everyone

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