“A Muslim lady doctor should not treat male patients”, a recent controversial statement by a religious scholar caused a stir. What's your stance on it?

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We witness numerous things for the day that makes us think on more profound levels. Yet, now and again a few considerations or articulations simply don’t bode well. As of late, a renowned scholar Mufti Tariq Masood who has surfaced via web-based media because of his clever tone of Islamic talks and mockery-filled explanations has given another peculiar articulation that made us think on deeper levels.

Mufti Tariq Masood is a notable name in Pakistan. He is a Pakistani Muslim researcher. He educates at the Jamia Tur Rasheed, a theological school in Karachi, and is the writer of a few books. As of late, Mufti Sahab’s questionable assertion has separated the web into two.

“A Muslim Lady Doctor Should Not Treat Male Patients.”

He said in his video bayan, besides he said that that lady should be reserved uniquely to treat female patients and the equivalent goes for men as well. On the off chance that the circumstance goes something else, and a female specialist needs to treat a man, she should complete two things that incorporate wearing gloves so her skin will not connect with the male. Also, she should do a niqaab and cover herself appropriately.

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Furthermore, that isn’t all! Mufti Tariq feels that lady dental specialists are the explanation, why men are faithless. Lady dental specialists captivate men while treating them. He cites and says, "Aur phir broad-minded loug kehtey hain ke kuch nahe houta aadmi ka dil saaf houna chahiye." He proceeds, “mere pass cases achukey hain kitne mard kharab houchukay hain, ek khatoon ka shohar kharab hogaya.” He further said,

“A man came to me and said that the man is a dental specialist is engaged in extramarital relations with one of his patients. So there ought to be a distance.” He said that there is a choice of 4 marriages, profit it.

The primary question that emerges here is that: if a man goes to a molvi or a mufti for him being faithless to his own better half, for what reason are female dental specialists to blame? How is a woman dental specialist more provocative as her nose may contact his nose during an assessment of teeth. Which is false!

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Possibly, somebody takes Mufti Sahab to the right dental specialist. Or then again guide him that few out of some odd female dental specialists sit on her facility to captivate men, some truly want to treat her patients with genuineness and nobility.

Ladies are worn out on being casualty accused, externalized, and blamed for everything. This should stop now! If a female specialist or particularly dental specialist is managing their job and a man can’t resist the urge to desire at that, is it the lady’s issue or the man’s?

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I think it’s quite tough for female doctors (wearing gloves and veil on duty) ,kind of unendurable for her while checking patients,but some doctors do this too (that is good) but for all is tough so,the possible solution is that we should upgrade our mentality ( we should goes to hospital just for the sick of medical treatment rather than anything else )

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Yahan tk to mufi sahab k baat smaj aati hai k parde ka humam Islam bhi deta hai k aurat jab bahir nikle to pardah kre.
Lken us k aagy poori lady doctor community ko kehna k wo mardon ko uksati hain yeh baat ghlt hai. Khwatten itni b besharam nahi hotin wo khud bahir rozi kamane nikli hain. Aik 2 k wajah se hum sb ko aise nahi keh skte.

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G bilkul durust farmaya apne.

The perfect stance. We should change our stupid mindset first and all that will be set on its own.


I think Molana shb ki baat drust hy :eyes:

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