A person that we forget

The home maker, listening to this what comes in our mind? A mother, A wife or A maid. No doubt a mother and a wife are the person who are the home maker but ever we think about our maids no we forget to count them

AS we awKe in the morning the very first thought come s in our mind are them. Our maids are totally engage in helping us we cannot survive with out. Whether its cooking, washing, cleaning or take caring of our own childrens we all dependent on them . Wirhout them life is too difficult to handle.
In my thinking we should cosiderd them as a valuable person and should have a thought about it.


yes you are right dear.!

I second that. Capitalism is so ingrained in our society that we treat lower classes as animals or I would say we don’t acknowledge them. But we are truly nothing without them. Not only maids but chauffeurs, gardeners, shopkeepers, vendors, laborers, plumbers and all the others