A real picture of humanity anr folk stories!

Everyone is aware of that couple which is famous now all over the world. The couple who gave the real picture of folk stories like SASI PUNO AND HEER RANJHA.

A couple in which the boy is totally helpless. And the girl is very kind.They love each other, but, unfortunately the boy got the electricity shocks and got injured.To save him, to prevent his death , doctors cut off his arms and even legs. His body structure was totally changed.

When her lover came to know about it she immediately ran towards the hospital and began to cry a lot. Everyone stop her but all in vain. She wass stunned by the situation. The boy even started crying thinking that she will not marry him now.

After that, the girl fought with this whole situation and even with her family and decided to marry him in any situation. And she did it. She completed her promise, put a great picture in front of youth that love is blind.

Now she looked after him. Do everything for him. Even she set his moustache. A great picture of love infront of all. Everyone is inspired by them…

When the government came to know about this act they were stunned but happy also, by saying there blind love. They CHAIRMAN of BAIT UL MALL visit their house and promised to gift here ARTIFICIAL body parts AND AWARDED with 10 Lakh.

In his interview, the CHAIRMAN said that these are the real heroes, real HEER RANJHA. I will award them and do everything for them. Because they stunned the whole world.