A story that will change how you think about life!


Not so long ago, I heard a story that actually changed the way I thought about life.

There was a King, in whose household, a Prince was to be born. The King thought that if the Prince was born, he would protect the Prince from all the sufferings of life and that the Prince would shed no tear in his life. The Prince was born, and the King did the same as he thought he would if the Prince was born. He covered the Castle with a high wall, so that the Prince wouldn’t be able to see the sufferings of the common people, and there were thousands of maids at the Prince’s service who made sure that the Prince would shed no tear.

After a few years, the Prince became a boy, and as he grew up, he became more and more restless with his life. He lost all the joy in his life and the worldly pleasures didn’t satisfy him at all. He thought that there should be something more to life than the life he was surrounded with. He thought that this isn’t the way we are supposed to live life. So, one night he escaped the castle and went to see the life of the common people. There, he was flabbergasted as he saw for the first time, the problems of life. Death, misery, and illnesses surrounded him as he stepped into this world. He thought, “This is the way to live life.”

He returned to the castle and escaped the other day, to live life as miserably as he could. From then on, he would spend days begging for food, loitering around, and would spend days such that he would eat nothing other than a bean for three days. For two years, he spent his life like this, and in the end, when he was near death due to hunger, he thought, “This isn’t the way we are supposed to live life.” So, he got up, cleaned himself, and found a clean river with a tree on its bank. There, he spent two weeks until he reached a conclusion, “Everything is a suffering.” A poor man suffers because has no riches, a rich man suffers because of the riches. A couple without children suffers because they have no children and a couple with children suffers because of the children. A corrupt man suffers because of his sins, a righteous man suffers because of his abstinence from sins and millions of examples like this are present in our world.

We yearn for a life without suffering, but would it really be a life without the suffering in it?