A Student of AKU invents invisible pain free needle

Mir Ibrahim Sajid a 21 year old student of Agha khan medical university is being applauded for his unique invention of invisible pain free needles. He is also being awarded with Global pediatric research investigator award by **Nature-**the world’s leading multidisciplinary science journal. The research of Mir Ibrahim is currently undergoing clinical trials after succcessfully passing lab tests at AKU’s affiliated hospital and also being patented to avoid any plagiarism. While talking to a local tv he said,

“I’d see children denying treatment because of the fear of needles, making treatment a painful experience, not only for the child but their caregivers and treating physicians”.

Further talking about his invention he said that the cannulation will consist of a shield, the surface of which facing the child will be decorated to divert the child’s attention from the cannulation procedure. He further said,

“In order to minimize pain, we have decided to put on topical anaesthesia, which would numb the surface. So, whilst the doctor places needle in the skin to draw blood, the child doesn’t feel the piercing needle”.

What motivated him to do so?

“Being the eldest of the three sons to a gasteroenterologist and a maxillofacial surgeon, a large part of my summer vacations and leisure time was spent in hospitals. Having seen children in pain and refusing treatment, all while living through the above myself, during cannulation and blood drawing procedures, I look it upon myself to find a solution to trypanophobia”.

He also urged the drug regulation authority of pakiastan(DRAP) to provide technical expertise hoping that the government will also facilitate him in the form of funds and expertise. Although the procedure is cheap but still requires massive funds for clinical trials.


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Unprecedented !! This needle is not only helping of childerns but also help of those who fear to see needle while doctor injecting him/her.


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