A voice of 22 Crore people " Gas Load Shedding In Pakistan 🥺"

Let us start from a daily life example just to prove the silly excuse of our government wrong.
Suppose I live in a house which is old fashioned and not so strong to bear the pressure of strom and just begin to leak while its raining! So one summer i realized that , my roof was not able to bear the strom pressure. But the rainy season over and i left if in the same way. But next year, before that weather came again I would thought that my roof began to leak in previous rains in this weather so i would make arrangements accordingly just to protect my home and my self, i wouldn’t let it in the same condition so that my ignorance may proved deadly for me and for my family.

As a simple person , i will definitely think about my future and if i lake some where in my past i will make efforts to overcome that mistakes and come with a new Passion.

But why our leaders are sleeping. Are they not watching anything? They didn’t saw that every year we have gas issues in winter? Why they didn’t take any action to avoid this crises? Why they leave all of their public in lurch. Just because they are leaving a happy and comfortable life with no problems. These problems are only for the poor so they don’t consider it too much. They know that every winter we face this crises so we should make such arrangements to overcome this crises so our public may not be in tense.

As a citizen of some state, we have some basic needs which should be fulfilled by our rulers. Every citizen has a right to have fresh water , electricity and gas in his house. These all are basic needs of every citizen beyond other needs. All other countries are working more and more to fulfill all these needs of their public and to make their life easier.


Even all of our basic need are not fulfilled in our country. In summer we don’t have electricity , in winter we don’t have gas and in Sindh people dont even have water to drink. What facilities our country is providing to us??? Taxes are increased so much where they utilize it??

Every year people morn that they lake gas which is basic need. Government just gave a silly excuse over it that pipelines were frozen due to which we lake gas. What the …? Means anything? America which is approximately covered with snow everywhere how they get gas??? They provide their public with hot water from where it come? Everywhere is snow so from where they get electricity???

For god sake ! Your excuses are lame. We are not ignorant that you can make us fools. We live in the era of technology where everything is clearly explained. You all are just making us fools nothing else.

Our energy minister said that every year their is depletion of 9% gas. Where it goes? Are we responsible for it or you? You are the rulers or we? We decided to take our 22 crore people or you? You decided to represent us or we? If you know that their is depletion of 9% annually why you don’t take actions against it instead of telling us. We know better than you because we face shortage not you. You have full gases in your homes so you dont take this issue serious. All of our ministers are leaving a life without any domestic problem so they don’t take it serious.

Today there is no gas for a whole day. Is it a state? Where people even don’t have gas to make food for them? Those who are able to buy a cylinder , buy it and use it but what about others because 80% of our people are poor. What about them??? How they will use cylinders to cook their food ? At last they will burn wood to fulfill their needs which will create a problem of tree destruction for PM.


What our poor do?will they die?

Our PM said right that he will finish poverty from this country and he is doing so by killing poor. And its most killing thing i ever feel :pleading_face::pleading_face::pleading_face::pleading_face::pleading_face:

There is no gas in complete month and at the end when we received our bills our expectations are just burned with that gas which was absent whole month. Bills are just touching the sky… Even we haven’t burn our stove any day we received 500 bill why??? To whom you are providing our gas why you are not charging them? Why we pay there bills? Is it humanity? To put someone’s burden on anyone without any reason. Or with a reason that you are weak and poor , that you are not able to punish the higher powers to pay their bill and in return you think that we will fulfill it from our poor people. Because they are poor and are not able to say anything to you… Am just fed up of this government and their rules.

I can’t see people moaning …:pleading_face::pleading_face::pleading_face: They are helpless and even we are helpless that we can’t help them as we all are also living hand to mouth.

Please think about us. We are under your rule. Or you are giving punishment to us for appointing all of you?

Please if you don’t have any concern with these poor , remember your Allah then please. You will not be forgiven by Him. He is very strict in the case of humanity…

My disappointments are increasing from this state just because these useless and fool rules. I am fed up of it. Literally i began to hate it. When you are even away from your basic needs. This state is just , state of name. They are just killing people and doing nothing.

STOP :stop_sign: :stop_sign: STOP STOP STOP :stop_sign: STOP :stop_sign: :stop_sign: :stop_sign: STOP :stop_sign: PLXXXXXX

We are powerless here but our ALLAH is in great power and you are helpless before Him. Please fright form his anger because He loves his humanity very much.