Abandonment Phobia


Abandonment Phobia:

The fear of being left behind or abandoned by a loved one.
You always feel like your partner or family will leave you or die.

This phobia has ruined relationships.
You are so scared that the other person will leave you gradually, that you start to push them away yourself.

Sometimes your fear gets the best of you and you constantly ask them for reassurances and act irrationally around them, which in turn makes them distant from you as they start avoiding you because of such unexplained behavior.

Abandonment Phobia can be scientifically explained :

  1. When you get attached to someone your brain starts to release certain amount of dopamine (hormone associated with feelings of pleasure and comfort).

  2. According to some researchers, the dopamine spike that we feel when we develop attachment to a person is comparable to what one might feel the first time they take a drug.

  3. It’s a kind of intense high that we feed off of, teaching our minds to keep chasing the feeling regardless of whatever consequences may be.

  4. Another example can be seen with the “Amygdala”.
    Known as the warning center of the brain, the amygdala is the part that puts you on high-alert whenever you feel like you might be in danger.

  5. If you go through a bad breakup (which, unfortunately, most breakups tend to be) or a family member death, your amygdala will then associate attachments and relationships with incoming pain.

  6. So when you ever find yourself starting to get attached to someone new, your traumatized amygdala convinces you to run away and protect yourself from the pain.

  7. The addictive source of our happiness is gone, and our brain has to relearn how to live without those dopamine hits and also deal with a re-wired Amygdala.

  8. So it’s no more just a “heartbreak” you are dealing with, you are now dealing with a new born phobia called "Abandonment Phobia.