Abida Parveen's caring gesture towards Naseebo Lal wins over Pakistanis

Coke Studio

Despite the success being touted as the bigger, more prestigious and an amply more cherished achievement of the two, a person’s humility, in fact, remains their most prized possession.

One’s succeeding, the prevailing by overcoming copious challenges indicates their psychological and physical strength, but one’s humbleness, it not only highlights their fleshly & mental might; i.e. not letting the intoxicant success get to your head - it shows the strongest of strengths there is; the character strength!

Who among Pakistanis is not familiar with the veteran singer Abida Parveen’s name? The Sufi music maestro, also entitled “The Queen of Sufi Music” is a living legend, an utmost expert in her area of expertise, now it turns out her legendary ruling is not constrained to her artistry, she is a luminary in dignified characteristic domain too. Whilst coming to the shoot of her latest winner “Tu Jhoom” for Coke Studio season 14, she went out of her way to greet her singing colleague for the said song, Miss Naseebo Lal… YES, the same Naseebo Lal who is more than often the butt of everyone’s jokes, irrespective of her being an exceptional artist, an absolutely sensational folk singer. Abida Parveen sahiba didn’t just greet her contemporary, she stopped her from leaving her seat and kissed her hand as a respect-giving gesture.


This endearing, courteous act was reciprocated by recipient aptly, proving true the proverb; Give respect to earn respect. The beauteous mutual admirations exchange moment has delightfully taken aback all that witnessed it, they have been endowing heaps of praise and commendation on Abida Parveen sahiba’s down-to-earth attitude, complemented with her exemplary etiquette; a super rare quality, nearly scant to the levels of non-existence in present day celebrities of her (popularity-wise) stature.