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After a long and tedious drive of about an hour from Mardan Kpk there comes a green hilly area of Takht Bhai. Almost 2000 years ago Bhuddist were lived there and they left their footprints there for us. It is an historic place where old civilazation can be observed. I guranteed you to ge there with your caravan of sorrow and tiredness and throw there and take fresh air of peace and quitness from there.

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Gilgit Baltistan, the real beauty of Pakistan and i must say the best tourist spot. You can see nature in its purest form. A small city covered with beautiful mountains, greenery and much more. Every single inch of it is beautiful. You can travel to any village, any street and you will find beauty. The best tourist spots in gilgit are hunza(which is very rich in culture), naltar, astore,and skardu.

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The green flag holds a great potential for tourism as the terrorism depletes. Snow-capped peaks, lush green valleys and icy rivers of Pakistan provides a fantabulous scenic views. Recent developments by the State, has increased the facilities and easy access to these bountiful places of the country. The beauty of these places enhances during the spring season as the flora blooms, attracting the adorable fauna. Winter seasons brings the white blanket of snow along covering the valleys and mountains. Beside this, the fall is attractive too. The hues of orange will be seen all over. The leaves turns orange. The final season- summer, brings greenery over the cities. Green meadows, gushing waters and grazing animals enhanced the scenic views.