Achu pyaaray: a tale of a middle class Pakistani

A middle class Pakistani a tragedy ,but a middle child too!!! that is a life threatening crisis.
Achuu… parting a Highway btw his silky, oil drenched hair.He is handsome regardless of 2 broken canines and one decayed molar.He is more regular in putting lateef surma in his eyes than he is in brushing teeth BUT he is handsome.He is happy with his new scanty pubic mustache because this proves that he has now grown into a young handsome little man and will soon be able to propose ruqqayah, who lives next door.
He is 14 and ryqqayah will soon turn 12 but her demands are acceleratating at dollar rate and his pocket money is depreciating like pakistani currency
He sometimes manages to save rs.10 or 20 when days are in his favours and the eggs in the grocery list are slightly inexpensive.
He wants to become a YouTuber, but a famous one so that one day he can buy ruwqaya a whole box of gulab jamun and Jalebies
And then she LL stop taunting him about him buying her patissa only
These thoughts are disturbed when ammi comes in and hands him 200rs.
Achu: am I dreaming or am I dying?
Ammi: stop it duffer and get me some plain yogurt from the dairy shop and make sure to remind him to add fresh balai on the top!! Your sister and brother in law are coming for dinner!
Achu returns with yougurt and a pack of Sooper buiscuit. He had been staring at it for a very long time, desperate to reach home and dunk his ever so delicious buicuit in chai and nibble on every chunk of it.
Ammi:. Ohh achuu I forgot to add tomatoes on the grocery list go get half a kg tomatoes.
Achu: ammi!! (Exasperated) are you sure this is all you want…?
Ammo: ohh yes yess yesss yes…take this dopatta and tell the trailer to hem the edges in shocking pink…I wanna wear it today at the dinner party!
Achu: PARTTTYY…yeah right
Achu goes to the market to buy tomatoes and encounters ruqqaya
there they both spend time together and drink shezan on their way back
Achu reaches home and hands over tomatoes to ammi
Ammi:achu where is my dopatta?!?!you fool have you donated your mind to a charity organization or what!?!
Achu:ammi I haven’t had anything the whole damn day and all you care about is your dopatta?
(IMMEDIATELY after Spurting these words out…achu burps)
Ammi: my lil baby seems to have indigestion on an empty stomach…you poor soul…GO GET MY DOPATTA NOW!!!
achu runs to the tailor and gets mom’s dopatta back on his way , lost in the thoughts of enjoying the biscuits alone he hurries home but bangs into aba g
Aba: u dumbass…can’t you c…my joints are already aching beacuse of arthritis…my breath swelling because of Asma…limbs still sore with tireless hardworking…and mind flashing warning symptoms with migraine!
Achu: sorry abba…y don’t u wear mask so at least you don’t catch the Corona virus…ITS DEADLY
ABA:don’t blabber…have u offered the maghrib prayer??
Achu:abba… actually…I…yesss…nnoo…yes…I ve to give this dopatta to ammi otherwise I ll suffer from her wrath
Abba: dont offer prayer…and Allah will burn you with HIS wrath
(Abba drags achu to the mosque with him)
Achu comes home after running a long marathon…!!
Achu:phew…what a tiring day it was
( He goes into the room and tries to unclutter the meshwork of wires and plugs it into his superannuated computer )
He starts recording video for YouTube…ding dong ding dong yells the bell…ghatak ghatak ghatak ghatak repeats the motor…phee phee whistles the pressure cooker…eeoon eeon rotates the fan at turtles pace…
Achu: urghhhh!!!..why the hell can I not work in peace!!!
After being frustrated he comes out of his room to eat the biscuits for which he had waited this long…
He comes out of his room…just to see his beloved brother in law eating his biscuit arranged in a very organized manner in a plate
Achu rushes to grab the last peice and successfully conquering the last peice
A moment of peace…
He dunks the biscuits in the tea to chomp on the last peice…but the last peice prefers to drown deep rather than being masticated in his incissor-less mouth!

(Ignore the errors,I hope you all like the story)
(Had no time to take care of punctuations and grammatical errors)


Very well written.!
Bechara achu. Wese kuch trs aya us pr or kuch us k buiscuit pr hnsi.!! :joy: :joy:

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