After losing job due to Corona Lockdown an unemployed pilot step up a 'Noodle' stall

An unemployed pilot from Corona Lockdown in Malaysia has set up a ‘Noodle’ stall.

The global epidemic of Corona has severely affected business activities around the world, and the aviation industry is in deep crisis.

Due to the Corona lockdown in Malaysia, Malaysian pilot Azreen was neither disappointed nor discouraged by unemployment.

Ezreen, 44, developed a new determination and enthusiasm and opened a noodle stall called Captain Corner in the capital Kuala Lumpur to run his home.

The Malaysian pilot who sells delicious noodles in the captain’s uniform has not only become the center of attention but also the positive thinking of the unemployed captain has become an example for other unemployed.

Ezreen says never give up, it’s like flying a plane where we are always moving forward, my experience can benefit other people who lost their jobs during the epidemic and find a new way to run home again. ۔

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