Air Travel: Pakistan's new policy

Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority has issued new SOPs for international flights due to Coronavirus which will be relevant till March 31, 2021.
Countries are divided into three categories in the SOPs compiled by Civil Aviation.

Category A includes 24 countries from which passengers arriving in Pakistan are exempted from the Corona Test.
These countries include Saudi Arabia, China, Austria, Kazakhstan, Singapore.

Passengers from 14 other countries, including Ireland, South Korea, Norway, New Zealand, and the Maldives, have been exempted from the corona test before entering Pakistan.

Also, other countries have been included in Category B on which the corona test up to eight days before entering Pakistan has been made compulsory.

Passengers coming from Category C countries will also have to take the Corona test on arrival in Pakistan. However, no country has been included in this category by the authorities.

A spokesman for the Civil Aviation Authority told Urdu News that the list is changed after reviewing the changing status of the coronavirus, which is decided by the National Command and Operations Center for Corona Virus.

He said that 24 countries have been exempted from the corona test on arrival in Pakistan while passengers from other countries have been required to report negatively on corona before traveling to Pakistan, including UAE and UK. There are. ā€™

According to the spokesperson, the ā€˜Cā€™ category is reserved for countries where there is a high risk of the virus and every corona test is mandatory for travelers from such countries arriving in Pakistan, but no country has been included in the list yet. While such passengers are told to stay in their homes in quarantine until the corona results.