Ali Gul Pir's Fantastic Rap To Pay tribute to Four Trees

The “waderey ka beta” celebrated rapper and artist Ali Gul Pir delivered a music video recently to honor the “Four Trees” which were obliterated 2 years back in India’s air strike.

He posted the video on his online media account with the accompanying caption,
“Two years back we lost four trees due to [a] terrorist attack. Here is my tribute to them,” Rapper wrote on his Twitter.

In his music video, rapper was seen in a forest background with the other fellows including singer Nimra Rafique. The actor was seen rapping and making tea. The song included other names like Kangana, Rehanna and “Major” Adnan Sami. At the end of the video, the comedian offered to make another cup of tea as well.

On 27 February 2019, Indian Air Force (IAF) violated the line the control and allegedly entered into Pakistan premises. In the air strike, one of the Indian air force’s wing commander Abhi Nandan entered into Pakistan territory after his Jet was shot down by the Pakistan army. The Indian commander was captured by the Pakistan and was later handed back to his country as a gesture of peace.
But the name Abhinandan got so much fame in Pakistan after a video was released by the ISPR. In the video Indian commander was conversing with the Pakistani military with a cup of tea in his hands and acknowledge that He was dealt well by them. During his conversation a Pakistani officer asked him about the tea and to which he responded that, “The tea is fantastic, thank you.”

This phrases because so famous among the Pakistani netizens and was utilized broadly by the Pakistanis. Its appear as though that Pakistanis won’t fail to remember the expression any soon and the day will consistently be important for Pakistani country.


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