Allegations of rigging in the US presidential election are rife

Doubts grew over allegations of fraud by President Trump, and Biden’s vote in Michigan suddenly rose to 138,000, causing a stir on social media.

In Michigan, Biden’s vote erroneously increased by 10 times, bringing his tally from 15,371 to 153,710.

However, County Clerk Caroline Wilson admitted the mistake, saying "I mistakenly changed 15371 to 153710, but the mistake was corrected within 20 minutes on the authorities’ notice.

In Arizona, polling stations have been accused of rigging Trump’s vote with a Sharpie pen, but officials, including the Arizona Secretary of State, have denied the allegations.

Officials say voters are allowed to use any type of pen, including sharpie, and allegations of vote-rigging using a sharpie pen are false.

Other than that, Wisconsin was also accused of having more votes than registered.

A social media user wrote that the turnout in Wisconsin was more than 101 percent.

Election officials say that the allegations on social media were based on old statistics, the number of registered voters on Election Day was correct, and thousands of people registered themselves on election day in Wisconsin.