Another Uncouth Man Assaults the Girl on 14 August

After the Ayesha Akram incident, another video went viral where an uncouth man physically assaults the girl on 14 August.

The video goes viral where the multiple riders are seen harassing the family on a busy road. The monsters are still roaming around. Why it is becoming so common for an uncouth man to attack the innocent girls of Pakistan.

Don’t they feel remorse for doing such things? How long will it take to solve this?.

IG punjab has took the notice of this incident. CCPO lahore has issued the orders to identify and arrest the culprit.


How do you drag the YouTube video here ,full method ,will be thrilled ,

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Copy the link from YouTube and paste here.

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Thanks sister

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Its easy bro. Copy the link and paste here. If video is not on youtube and you have the video so you can also upload it and then paste link here.