Are Boarding Schools Beneficial to Children?

The Boarding schools of fiction are presented as one long midnight feast with pillow fights forging firm friendship. However their opponents claim the reality is extended Homesickness and the lack of individual attention.

Modern Boarding schools have done much to shed the image of the Mass Dormitories with 40 or more Beds in one room, some going as for as providing ensuite bathrooms to private rooms.

Similarly they make great claims for their Academic marit, particularly in night of the increases of exams, course work and university entrance requirements facing childrens wishing to succeed in the Modern world.



Boarding schools allow children a safe place in which to exert greater control and independence over their daily lives.
Teachers and Staff can supervise and support but they are unlikely to be over-protective . This can be a great preparation for university or work away from home in later life as it provides an intermediate step between childhood and full independence.

Living with pairs of their own age, round the clock, teaches children how to get along with eachother and compromise. A variety of characters and interests must be accommodated, teaching children tolerance and compromise in a regulated environment.
This can be specially helpful for working with university or company colleagues in future.

As well as allowing for flexibility in curriculum choice, Boarding schools can also Accommodate a variety of specific family or lifestyle considerations.

Children with Specific learning or emotional needs can àlso be benefit from specialized help as noted above.

Particularly important is the way a Boarding schools may provide relief for parents from the day to day strains of dealing with a child’s problems, making time spent together more pleasant.


Parents are the child’s most natural support and best role models to learn from.
If they are separated from them for long periods of time this may Damage their relationship and leave the child feeling anxious or alone.

Schools are unlikely to be able to replicate and detailed knowledge of each individual child that a parent has and therefore cannot be as effective in supporting the child.

Spending all ur time in schools restrict the circle of people you come into contact with.

Extra Curricular activities organized by the school will largely be with peers rather than the whole range of the community as might be the case with local choirs,
Amateur dramatic groups, sports clubs e.t.c.

Specialist Boarding schools can lead to an over concentration on one area or style of curriculum to the neglect for all others. It can also harm the breadth of opportunity available at a local level, compelling those interested in a particular discipline to become boarders when they would have preferred not to.

While a Boarding school may ameliorate some family problems it is unlikely to solve them.
Confronting issues head on with help from local social services could allow families to stay together rather than risking the others problems listed above.

It is not reasonable to expect parents to considered the education of their childrens when selecting their careers and to do so in a way that would not force thwm to board.

Most Difficulties of working parents could be equally well addressed by after schools clubs or better childcare provision.


Boarding schools are a psychological torture to kids for me. Strictly against them. There is no need to send children away at such young age when it’s already bound to happen when they grow up.

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