Are signs of Qayamat getting complete? Police rescue woman raped by brother in Karachi


Karachi: The police have protected a woman from an apartment in the Marwari Line of the Ranchore Line area, in the wake of getting a hint that she was being held, prisoner.

Edgar Assistant Sub-Inspector Zahid Mehmood disclosed to Samaa News that they were instructed by police helpline 15 Madadgar, that a man who distinguished himself as Junaid had called the helpline to caution them of the presumed prisoner in Jannat Bibi building.

A police group promptly went to where they tracked down countless individuals accumulated external the structure. As indicated by ASI Mehmood, when they went into one single room, they tracked down an extremely sick woman enclosed by a bedsheet. She was so weak, she was unable to walk. A rescue team took her to Civil Hospital, Karachi for restoration.

As per ASI Mehmood, individuals from the space got her brother distinguished as Iqbal and given him over to the police. FIR No 280/21 under Sections 376, 344, and 354- against Iqbal was enlisted on the grumbling of the casualty’s maternal uncle Muhammad Hassan. He told the police that the victim’s folks had passed on and her brother took her with him three years prior and cut off the entirety of her associations with her family. Individuals from the space had revealed to Hassan that she was being held, prisoner.

Junaid, who considered 15, told police that Iqbal leased the room more than two years prior. Everybody knew Iqbal and his sister were living there yet nobody at any point saw her. He asserted that occasionally they heard her crying, yet nobody interceded as it was viewed as an individual matter.

Junaid advised the police that they started to presume that something wasn’t right after somebody tossed utilized condoms out of the loft. However, the room was locked, the ladies from the condos attempted to get a look inside through a window. They saw a woman lying exposed.

Area City SSP Sarfaraz Nawaz said that a lady medico-legitimate official analyzed the person in question. “As indicated by the WMLO, the casualty was assaulted,” he affirmed. The police have obtained semen tests from the suspect and sent them for a serology. The examination proceeds.

Is the day of judgment getting near? Society and pornographic videos have changed the mindset of the youth. They don’t spare anyone who comes in their way of lust.

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Astaghfirullah!!! The end is near! One of the signs Zina is getting complete, also bloodshed.

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