Are social media accounts as our disclosed diaries?

With-it this modernized world we have come so far. Rapid globalization, change in the form of technology and social services has changed the perspective of living too. Social media is a platform for connecting with new people and different diasporas to explore culture and life standards across the border. These social media apps were meant to rostrum the business and pave the way to e-commerce. Since the introduction of social media platforms, we have been watching how this platform eventually became our secret disclosers.

Posting everything on social you do has become a new trend. Documenting ourselves and trying to create our online image is not a new bee. If you went to a five-star hotel and didn’t post the picture of food or location, you might feel guilty and embarrassed that how your friends will come to know that you enjoyed dessert and Italian dishes in one of the finest hotels in the city. Meeting celebrities in malls and clicking photos with them no matter how ugly you look but the good actress/ actor from Industry is in the picture you will upload it. Posting the status on different social media apps that either you are happy or sad is an illness. It is eager to show people and gain sympathy or you can call it “e-sympathy”.

I see many people start discussing their matters in the comment sections and making it publicly on their own, to let others know how strong our relation or bond is. This society of revelation has gone so far in the field of a show-off that coming back from this storm is hard.

accounts eventually reflect a sense of worth in normal life or offline. It reflects and indicates our psychological state, either it is low self-esteem or other tendencies as anxiety narcissism, and depression which for that reason renders us in a need of appreciation or applaud.

According to psychologists Wilcox and Stephen social media sites such as Facebook can increase self-esteem. People tend towards presenting a socially desirable, positive self-view to others when online. In turn, this gives individuals an increase in self-esteem, but a decrease in self-control. It all ties in with the idea of keeping up appearances, and painting a picture to the audience that composes of our friend’s lists and beyond.

Individuals can choose the information that they post, and keeping up a certain online identity increases self-esteem, but can mask our true personas. For the narcissist, this feeds into the need to be admired and the more reception a post receives, the more is fed into this type of behavior. For the anxious, online interactions can translate into real-life interaction, and feed into the anxious feeling of whether people like them or not, corresponding with what kind of reception online posts receive.

The tragedy is that we put posts on our accounts which indicates to someone else indirectly because we have no courage to outburst directly. We shall be precise to our social media accounts and shall guide our children to be limited to this or else this would go to addiction as many are suffering.


I can totally relate to this article. Social media addictions are the worst, and they truly make you hollow from the inside.


True words!!!. Social media has made us conscious.
And I totally agree to the concept of limits and restraints.

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Yes thank you for acknowledging

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So true!!! Social media has completely taken over our lives. We should stop it’s addiction.

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very true and well said.
We have fallen into the blind alley of social media.We are limited to social media.Social media has taken us away from our loved ones.We are using social media and wasting our hours and hours on this.We have forgotten the command of our leader.Addiction of social media will destroy us badly.

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