Are we controlling the technology, or is the technology controlling us?

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Are we controlling the technology, or is the technology controlling us? A renowned scientist, William Wulf suggested that technology is something that defines us as human beings. Well, this answer seems self-explanatory. We indeed control technology. But might be the case that technology is a genie which once released cannot be coerced back into the bottle? If technology dominates us, then how does it change us as human beings?

We have seen that years ago, social media and the internet were an escape from the real world. But now, due to the abundance of technology, the world has become our escape from the internet. Technology is controlling our lives, without us even knowing about it. It is good to access anything, anyone in a few minutes. But have you ask yourself, can you go five minutes without your phones?

We are well familiar with the benefits, technology is providing us, around the dining tables, in the classrooms, in the washrooms, and nearly every phase of our everyday life. We are too familiar with smartphones and tablets making us high multitaskers from low multitaskers.


Let’s add something to it from my point of view. The question arises if technology is controlling us, what behavior does it induce? Let me explain with an example, our brain has the potential to act against and in response to a stimulus. Whenever we receive a notification on our cell phones, dopamine floods the brain. Don’t you know about Dopamine? Well it’s a pleasure hormone, our body makes it and it plays a big part in the human ability to think and plan. This makes our hands instantly rush towards the phone and to check the notification. When something happens repeatedly, we usually become addicted to it and when you become addicted to something then it is no longer a desire, your body physically needs it to feel normal.

It is a genuine fact that technology tends to make our lives more convenient. With the help of technology, we share every aspect of our existence through different applications. But what if technology continues to learn from all information we are feeding it? A famous book “The Path” written by Peter Riva clearly warns us about the consequences, if artificial intelligence turned on us.

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Recently, Saudi Arabia has utilized maximum technology to ensure the safety of pilgrims and to stop the spread of deadly coronavirus. Makkah is considered the world’s largest human gathering place with almost 2.5 million pilgrims each year. But because of the pandemic, this year Hajj was restricted to 60,000 pilgrims only. Saudi authorities used smart cards, robotic water suppliers, GPS bracelets, robotic disinfectants, and much more.

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A New Yorker classic cartoon from 1940 written by famous cartoonist Charles Adams depicted human robots standing in front of a workbench on which they were resembling identical human robots. Two men were walking along a row and one in the white robe remarks;

"Something I ask myself, where it will ever end"?

From these facts, it is evident that technology is dominating us and the time is not far when technology will completely conquer human society.

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Always, inspired by the way you put immense knowledge in your articles.
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And yes, it’s a reality that we are becoming slaves to the technology, we made.


Indeed! We gave birth to technology but gradually, we are losing its control.

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I have read this book. It excellently describes the mixing of human behavior and sci-fi technology. And what would if the technology we made, takes over us.

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