Are we heading to mars?

Recently Nasa has released a video of mars quoting it as ‘Stuff of dreams’. The human mission to the alien world is no more a dream. The successful landing of space aircraft also does not guarantee success over the mars mission. However, the aerospace consultant Marry Lynne Dittmar believes that “ Heading towards mars might seem easy to ordinary people but, this includes the complexities, traveling to Mars and staying there for some time is not an easy task”.

If however, we make it to mars, It takes more than a half-year to reach mars. The Dittmar said mars “has a dust problem”, Martians will have to fight cancer-causing radiation and dust. Many experts have imagined colonizing mars by 2025, which seems quite impossible. It needs more time to be explored. The recent perseverance mission by mars was an initiative to explore the red planet using robotics.

Perseverance is exploring the signs of habitability. The perseverance has a drill that will collect the sample of soil. These samples will be tested. One of the concern is even if we make to the mars, what the people will eat. “Can we grow up plants and agricultural food on mars”?. If you think that food may be imported from the earth, it will be impractical and not possible for the long term.

A stable food supply is a basic necessity besides it we need a proper health system over there. There will be enormous challenges for landing on Mars. NASA is under the presidential order to land humans on the red planet by 2033. There is evidence of the presence of water, but water is one among many necessities we need to live on Mars.
SpaceX found by Elon musk also aims to send people on the mars.

“In terms of the vision that we’re moving toward, it’s really to enable cities on Mars and everything that comes with having a city, having a large and growing population,” Paul Wooster, principal Mars development engineer at SpaceX, said at the meeting.
SpaceX is in the research of making the cost-efficient and easy way towards mars for ordinary people. There are more possibilities that we might make it to Mars, but we need to think about other factors that will help us to survive there.

Humans can make it to mars but only if we reduce risk factors.


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