Are women wearing hijab not normal? Anchor Kiran Naz wears hijab on live show in response to Pervez Hoodbhoy's claim


SAMAA TV anchor Kiran Naz has worn a full hijab during a segment of her live show 7 Se 8 to commute home to the point that the hijab never ruined ladies’ support nor delivered them “abnormal.” The section of the live show centers around a remark by Professor Pervez Hoodbhoy who had claimed that women students at Pakistani colleges were no more “typical or normal” because they wore hijab.

Naz opened her show without a face covering and related how Hoodbhoy, whom she depicted as a researcher and mathematician, had served the country by going through forty years of his life instructing at the Quaid-e-Azam University Islamabad. However he frequently went under analysis for his assertions, Naz said adding that this time Hoodbhoy has offered another expression that has caused “a ruckus in the whole country.”

Professor Hoodbhoy's statement

Naz then, at that point played a video cut appearance of Hoodbhoy conversing with another Pakistani TV channel, News One. He says when he began educating in 1973 infrequently any young woman with a hijab was seen at the grounds, however presently hijabs and burkas were all over. “A typical young lady would be seen just a single time in a blue moon,” Hoodbhoy says.

The professor then, at that point adds that when burka-clad ladies sat in study halls they would scarcely take an interest in the class exercises. “To the degree that you don’t know if they are available in the classroom,” he said.

The clip closes and Naz says that she didn’t have the foggiest idea of what precisely Hoodbhoy implied however she accepts the hijab is important for Pakistan’s Islamic culture and she was pleased with it. “I don’t wear hijab myself however I can’t name hijab-wearing individuals as strange and abnormal,” she said.

Kiran Naz puts on Hijab on national television

Naz then, at that point declares that she would have the rest of the show wearing a full hijab.
On camera, she first puts on a dark cap hiding her temple and afterward a hijab that covers her face just as shoulders.

“Hijab-wearing ladies are ordinary in precisely the same manner as those not wearing hijab,” she talks. She said her words or contemplations were not going to change under the hijab that she had recently put on.

The host said similar remained constant for some, different ladies including business pilot Captain Shahnaz Laghari – the first lady to fly an airplane wearing a total hijab – a Faisalabad University graduate who won 18 gold medals last year, and Nusrat Sehar Abbasi, one of the most straightforward MPAs in the Sindh Assembly.

Do you think wearing a hijab creates any sort of hindrance in women’s participation? What’s your stance on it? Let us know in the comment section below.


بے شک حجاب کرنے والی خواتین کسی طور بھی ان خواتین سے کم نہیں، جو حجاب نہیں پہنتیں

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A positive message!

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Khawateen ka mazak banane walo ko aise hi mooh ki khaani parti hai. Beshak hijaab main khwateen zyada pyaari lgti hain.


Good job Kiran Naz. People like Hoodbhoy are nobody to police what women can and cannot wear. The most excellent students of my class throughout my student life have been hijabis. Immense respect for them.