Are you ready to read Meer Sethi?

“Writing book is a self-discovery! It’s a therapy. It’s like doing therapy to yourself”, Meera says after going through the experience of writing a book.

“Are You Enjoying?” - by Meera Sethi

She revealed the genre of the book is LITERARY FICTION and it has INTERGENERATIONAL MISCOMMUNICATION as the main on going theme which puts forth the ideas of general questions, a normal person thinks of, related to their existence.

Characters keep on indulging in different activities to properly figure out WHO THEY ARE?

What do you think would people go for novels in today’s hustling life? Interviewer inquired, to which she claimed that people love to dive into stories of civilizations which took place somewhere 2000 years ago and offers authenticity. Her reply gives a clear hint which helps the audience have a fragrant glance at the book without opening it. Woah!

She is not going to get disturbed by negative criticism she gets in future. But, the review by Mohsin Hamid supports her creative skills.

Are you excited to discover her writing skills and to discover yourself through her book??

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