Best chrome extensions 2021 by

Online learning has become a sole part of our lives. Most of us use Google Chrome to check social media sites to get in touch with the global world.

So here I have bring some important chrome extensions for you to make your online web experience better.

It’s a personal dashboard replacing the original tab.Featuring to-do, weather, daily motivational quote, calm and soothing background wallpapers to make you feel more productive.


It is a powerful tool that can help executives, entrepreneurs and creative people capture and arrange their ideas.It is designed for note taking, organizing, task management, and archiving.It offers offline mode, dark mode, and you can easily pin it on a web page.


3)Google Dictionary:
It is an online dictionary service of Google.It helps you to select a word and get instant synonyms and translation.You don’t need to change the tab and type it on Google. Just simple select the text and google dictionary will help you out in finding exact meaning.

4)Alpha Text:
It makes text readable.You can customize your text while reading research articles by clicking and changing fonts, colours and can change the appearance by highlighting them with different highlighters.


5)Focus to do:
It is a time management extension. Follows pomodoro technique and helps you to stay productive and manage your work hours.It minimizes distractions with soothing music and a timer to save your time.


Best Chrome extensions for productivity – Clockify Blog


How to add Espncricinfo as extension to chrome please help.

Search chrome web store
search Espncricinfo in search bar
Then tap add to Chrome or add extension a blue button.