Best memes from the T20 World Cup so far

If there’s one thing you can count on the Pakistani netizens for, it’s their quality sense of humor and ability to seek amusement in any situation. Pakistani audience for the T20 world cup audience did not disappoint in the least either. Every game was celebrated by a stream of memes mere moments after the meme-worthy moment passed, and went viral across social media platforms in a matter of instants! Here are some of the top memes witnessed across social networking platforms this world cup so far:

  1. Perhaps the most wholesome one was an image of this guy, who went viral after his reaction towards Pakistani team’s underwhelming performance in a match versus India a couple of years ago. Netizens marveled at his transformed expression after witnessing success this time around and found his smile to be contagious. One user commented: “His angry face will always be reMEMEbered” :sweat_smile:

  2. This image made the rounds after the Pak vs Ind match on the 24th of this month, showing a guy reading through some notes while enjoying the heated cricket match. It resonated with a lot of viewers undergoing a critical point in their academic lives right now but not wanting to miss the momentous match. Priorities, you know! :sweat_smile:

  3. A personal favorite, this template originated from a post match interview given by Haris Rauf to an Indian interviewer. The confused look on his face after not comprehending her question is not unfamiliar to a lot of us, and soon turned into a widely used meme template. Can you think of any alternative captions? :sweat_smile:

  4. Posted by twitter user zakisweet111 following Afghanistan’s splendid innings in today’s cricket match against Pakistan, this meme gave Hasan Ali’s expensive over an amusing twist. After all, what are Pakistanis if not masters of using humor as a coping mechanism?

  5. To end it on a positive note, here is a meme featuring the hit Korean series ‘Squid game’ merging a dialogue from the show with the current state of affairs in the T20 World Cup. Here is to hoping Pakistan stays at the top to the very end!

Here were some of my personal favorite meme picks from this incredible tournament. What was your favorite meme? Comment below!