Big win for Pakistan: Transgender woman becomes community's first-ever Pakistani doctor

Sarah Gill Social Media

Astronaut Neil Armstrong once famously said about his walk on the moon “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind”. This is the best one could describe Pakistani trans woman, Miss Sarah Gill’s accomplishment, who just became country’s first certified doctor. Her triumph is “a small achievement for others, but a giant leap for Pakistan’s grievously maltreated and underprivileged transgender community”.

Gill, who also happens to be a social activist for transsexual rights, graduated from the estimable academic institution; Jinnah Medical and Dental College in Karachi, Sindh, acquiring a Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) degree. About her success, Doctor Sarah Gill had to say she was honoured and overjoyed to be nation’s first qualified transgender physician, she aims to keep working for her community’s well-being as before, but now equipped with newly obtained valuable medical science knowledge and skillset.

Moreover, she disclosed that she is proud of her identity, has always been, not one bit ashamed and never tried hiding it, which was the reason her fellow students knew her true gender since day one of class attendance, however, she had submitted college admission form checking the box afront male option on parental advice, who were afraid of possible discrimination she would have had to face in revelation’s case.

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Sarah Gill Social Media

Dr. Sarah Gill apprised her inconveniences were as profound & as challenging as the ovation she has lately been getting, she but refused giving up on her firm aspirations. To the Pakistani trans community’s name, she passed the message of coming forward and embracing education, using it for advantage and advancement. She opines, hard work makes whatever you adjust your eyes onto achievable, she learnt that lesson owing to intense personal struggle in process of carving a name for herself.

Power to transgender/transexual people :metal:

Can we use these two terms interchangeably?

Took almost 75 years but Pakistan has finally had a trans doctor. Welcome turn of events.