"Biggest sin in ISLAM"

Q: Which sin Allah will not forgive you? Do you know the “Biggest sin in Islam”?

Let’s talk about the biggest sin in Islam that is unforgivable.
Yes, you all are right it is SHIRK ( the worship of anyone besides Allah is Shirk). Those who deify someone else besides Allah they called Mushrikun.

What happened with the people of Prophet Nuh (A.S)?
The whole surah in the Quran has been dedicated to him, as he sent from Allah to people. Allah praised him in the Quran as “The grateful servant of Allah” and “True messenger of Allah”.

Allah Almighty sent Prophet Nuh (A.S) to guide his people on the right path and that Allah is one. Prophet Nuh (A.S) did the same as Allah instructed him, he used to point out the mysteries of life to his people and also told them the wonders of the universe that indeed Allah is the best creator. He clarified that Allah is one, not to worship anyone except Allah but they were so stubborn that it continued for over 900 years of Prophet Nuh (A.S) life. But disbelievers argued.
At last, he realized that all his efforts were surely in vain. Consequently, he became unhappy and exhausted so he asked Allah Almighty to destroy the disbelievers.

As the Quran says:
And Prophet Nuh (A.S) said: “My Allah! Leave not one of the disbelievers on the earth, if you leave them they will mislead Your people, and they will generate none but sinful disbelievers.” (Surah Nuh)

And Allah Almighty accepted his prayer and ordered him to build an Ark. When disbelievers saw him they said he went crazy. Then the day arrived when miraculously rained over the residents that would be the sign of the flood and Prophet Nuh (A.S) took an action and allowed the believers and animals in his own Ark, approximately there were 80 people who came. The non-believers including Prophet’s wife and his son did not come and said he will take shelter on a mountain to protect himself but there was no escape for disbelievers and no mercy except for whom Allah wants. And Allah destroyed all disbelievers including Prophet’s wife and his son. Prophet Nuh )A.S) was sad and cried for his son.

Don’t worship except Allah because Allah is one and is sufficient for us no matter who are we rich or poor, girl or boy, old or young no matter you know what the matter of fact is Allah hears you always we should pray Allah to do not make us depend on others except you we would cry only for Allah because Allah calls us fives times a day to success.

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