Bill Gates and Pakistani Drama! 😂

Was Bill Gates Divorced pre-planned in a Pakistani Drama? :joy:
Oh!! Don’t think so but it happened to create an odd incident where a Drama “Tu Dil ka Kia Hua” had already predicted the couple’s divorce. The clip got viral withing hours.
The Social media users are using the clip as a meme to make people laugh how “ominous tongue” Pakistanis have.
It was tweeted earlier by Bill Gates announcing his divorce.

One more meme that swarmed up on Social media was the idea of a billionaire not being able to keep his wife happy, so the poor persons need not worry😂
They are not at the fault…:v::joy:

Such memes have a pertinent role in spreading happiness. And now the meme level is at the point where news are got through memes…:joy::joy:


Sari news memes se hi mljati hyn ab tw! :joy:

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