Border issues of Students from Indian occupied kashmir studying in Pakistan

Many pakistani universities and medical schools have reserved seats for students from Indian occupied kashmir.There has always been a border clash between india and pakistan be it at LOC or at wagah border. Wagah border is located in lahore and is a gateway for people who want to go india or come to pakistan.Almost all the kashmiri students cross wagah border to reach india and then take a flight from Amritsar to go to their homes in kashmir.

Recently a twitter trend was set up for these kashmiri students that got about 5000+ tweets and retweets. The hashtag was #AllowFjmu studentscrossborder. Fjmu is one of the top medical schools in lahore in which students from many countries are getting education inculding students from Indian occupied Kashnir. These kashmiri students were unable to go home since months due to their professional exams being delayed again and again in covid pandemic. The wagah border was also closed for an indefinate time during this period. These students gave their last exam at the end of February and requested the embassies to let them cross the border in first week of march. A list was issued on 3rd march which included names of the persons permitted to cross the border on 8th March. Unfortunately their names were not on the list despite multiple requests. These students are still stranded here in lahore waiting for their approval so that they can spend their vacations with their loved ones in kashmir.
This is not the first time they faced such situation. Whenever there is political clash between India and Pakistan, these people are the most affected ones.


Sincere prayers for them❤️


May Allah give them strength to endure the tests and challenges Ameen




May Allah listen to their prayers. Ameen


May Allah help them…