Bride charges guests Rs 17,424 for food at her wedding reception, amount later used for honeymoon expenses

Image Courtesy: Dunya News

A strange wedding invitation is eliciting mixed reactions on social media, in which invitees and potential attendees are asked to pay for the food they eat at the wedding.

The invitation was discovered by a Reddit user whose friend, a soon-to-be bride, invited her to her wedding. She stated in the invitation that the couple cannot afford the food, so guests must pay $99, or roughly Rs 17,424 per head.

“Because we cannot afford the food, it will be $99 per head banquet style,” the post stated. The Reddit user also stated that the wedding venue was nearly 4 hours away from her home and was supposed to be ‘kid-free.’

“So we need to pay for accommodation, petrol, outfits, baby sitter, and our food to eat at the wedding,” the user writes, pondering the costs.

The post also stated that the wedding had a wishing well (a box into which guests placed their “money gift” for the bride and groom’s future expenses), but no open bar.

A similar incident occurred in August of this year when a newlywed couple sent an Rs17,700 bill to guests who did not attend the reception dinner. The invoice was shared on Twitter on Wednesday by a user named Philip Lewis, a senior front page editor at the Huffington Post. “I don’t think I’ve ever seen a wedding reception invoice before,” Lewis tweeted in response to the invoice.