Bye Bye 2021, Hello 2022! New Year's resolution cookies are served, what're your promises for 2022?


So, we’ve survived another year of pandemic and chaos, haven’t we? Our conventional wars ushered us into unfamiliar horizons, where dominance battles morphed into battles for survival against dreadful germs and infections; we’ve now become familiar with the deep trenches where the sun is fading, prospects are bleak, and humanitarian crises are escalating. Starting in 2019, we observed a pandemic that stretched its tentacles even beyond, backed off halfway, and then reincarnated as Corona Virus to Omicron, roaring! Another year passed in which the hospitality business played hide-and-seek with shut-downs, individuals were locked up in their homes, and markets were shuttered.

We witnessed practically everything: weird colors, distasteful hues, shrieking turmoil, agitating upheavals, and ruthless gunshots. What we couldn’t see was a squandered opportunity to resurrect love in its most fundamental form: pure, kind, and virtuous love. We may have wasted one final chance to ensure that our existence, which is a dead life, comes to an end: with food habits that are absolute health hazards, wasteful spendings, immoral vocations, toxic behaviors, and, last but not least, the flaunting of love that is not even hate!

What do we think about failing to achieve what we set out to do in 2021, while 2022 is being celebrated with fervor and ardor to stamp perfect Pakistani-styled merrymaking?

To be honest, I believe we could resurrect the entire concept of the once-accepted Pakistani society’s distinct character. As a result, we could have said goodbye to a lot more than just 2021, but we didn’t, and instead did the exact opposite!

This is what it is, reality, mirror, or whatever you choose to call it! The 2022 celebrations were fantastic, as usual; the shibboleths were masterfully echoed, as were the slogans hoisted around the arena; yet, is this it? Would we choose to spend 2022 in the same manner as we did 2021? Now is the moment to ask ourselves if we’re ready to face the trials, obstacles, and unknowns that await us in the year 2022? Would we do our part to turn odds into opportunities, fitness problems into opportunities, and extravagant spending, unhealthy routines, corruption, and hatred to name a few things? New Year’s Resolution Cookies are served, and new commitments are made. What are your promises for 2022? Let us know in the comment section below.

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My new year resolution: I will be uh army and …save Pakistan… and destroy India. Pakistan is in da bag!

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My new year resolution is to avoid all people chewing my brain out with their new year resolution talk, seriously, not even 0.1% of us remember these “resolutions” by March :confused:

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That’s kinda true!