Can I do PHD after BS Hons?

HEC has changed the policy for PHD eligibility criteria. It is possible to go straight for the PHD after completion of your bachelors. Personally I am considering it an opportunity which I was aiming in past. It will help students to boost up their careers.
But for the actual consequences, is it true to send the BS Hons. straight into PHD without any MS practical work or thesis etc? Moreover, the worth of OHD doctors will reduce as now it will be the game of numbers of various PHD’s without any filtration. But OK, for suppose, they are all worthy and eligible PHD’s. Will they be able to get recognized in the whole world or especially in the European countries? Will they be able to move with their PHD degrees anywhere in the world?

But, the point of hope is quoted below for the process of picking up only eligible persons:
Students seeking admission on the basis of a BS Hons. degree will have to study additional subjects. A professor will be authorised to oversee the PhD thesis of a maximum of five scholars.
In addition to this is that the span of PHD program will be same as it is earlier. 3 years is a minimum of time and maximum time to accomplish your PHD degree has been expanded from 8 years to 10 years.
You can see this video to get more assistance:


I think it’s a positive step by HEC👍

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let’s hope for the best :relaxed:

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Inshallah :heart:

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