Can we live our life without restrictions?

When someone is born, he is all on his own and is supposed to be able to act out whatever he wishes. His subsequent actions nevertheless are all dictated by the upbringing he encountered as guided and restricted by the environment and society he lives in, to which he has to adapt to survive**. When Adam was born, he was free. Free he was, even in the Garden of Eden, till such time he ate the forbidden fruit. It was an act of passion, which immediately cast upon him the chain of morality.**

Similarly to live in a society, we have to behave in manners and show ethics towards others. These are social boundaries. Every human being is free to do anything, but certain limitations are essential to survive. In the current pandemic (COVID19), We cannot deny the fact that every single human life is hit by it. We have to stay at homes. These chains are implemented by the government.

Moreover, these chains act as restrictions which are essential because they create balance in our life. There are laws which we have to obey on any condition. As a human life progresses, he realizes his duty which can be any relationship. Our religion Islam never allowed bloodshed, bully, terrorism, abuse. At any step of our life, it shows us the right path and allowed us to live our lives with freedom. These limitation that is implemented by Allah on us are basically for our benefit.

Everyone loves to live a life free from fear and full freedom but, the best one is who follows some rules in their life, which ultimately makes them a better person.