Cause of premature aging......STRESS

Are you having signs of premature aging? Then do not blame only your skin or the products you use. Stress can also be a major reason.

Stress is a natural process in response to any situation. But higher levels can of stress can be harmful. Studies reveal that most of the health problems are caused by the stress. Even the premature aging is also one of the causes of stress because our body wears down quickly in stressed situations.

Researchers at Heidelberg university conducted a research, in which a young doctor was subjected to stress for almost 30 minutes and then his blood sample was taken. The results revealed that the antibodies reacted to stress the same way they reacted to pathogens and also activated the proteins that trigger the immune response. It neutralises the harmful pathogens, at the same time this damages the healthy cells.

University of California also conducted a research on Stress. They found out that stress caused cellular aging by weakening the cell structure (telomeres), affecting cell regeneration. Greater the levels of stress, greater the degeneration of the cells. Stress causes wrinkles, because of high amounts of cortisol breaking down skin’s collagen.

The stress, to which humans are subjected today is very harmful. Stress can inhibit the release of some hormones that can be very harmful for humans and can also cause depression. Other adverse effects are insomnia, anxiety and high blood pressure. Although challenges are good for life but maintaining it to moderate level can halt the process of premature aging.

How to reduce Stress?

  • First of all, being mindful of reducing stress is very important.

  • Secondly, prevention is very helpful in avoiding the toll that stress takes on us.

  • Third, self control is essential, and also notice responses. In this way stress can be reduced.

  • Lastly, meditation can help us reduce stress. It involves yoga, some light exercises and also breathing exercise.

Hence, stress can be psychosomatic that can affect our body, from digestive system to our skin. Studies reveal that a little stress is good for us, as people who have low levels of stress and accept their challenges then put their heart and soul to achieve their goal are usually successful in their lives.


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