Celal showers love in Pakistan!

The actor arrived in Pakistan as a part of the Turkish delegation which will reach the Prime Minister to strengthen the bond between the two countries and help the entertainment industry of Pakistan.
His most recent visit included the visit to OSF Karachi, where he donated blood to children diagnosed with Thalassemia.

“Turkish blood is being donated for Pakistani children; this will further strengthen the bond between the two nations,” said Dr. Saqib Ansari.

Celal loves Pakistan as he goes through it. He doesn’t back down on showing his love for Pakistan as the caption on his Instagram read:

The actor also met Feroze Khan, a popular celebrity whose recent attempts to strengthen the bond with the Turkish actors isn’t something that is hidden from the people of Pakistan. Feroze posted on his Instagram:

The actor also gave tributes to QA Muhammad Ali Jinnah, commemorating this national hero who already lives in the hearts of Pakistanis, and by doing this, he earned the respect of many Pakistanis who already have a special place for him in their hearts.

All in all, this person is showering love in Pakistan and perhaps, we may see a collaboration between the Turkish and Pakistani entertainment industry in the form of a series called “Turk Laala”.

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