Chakwal: Priest apprehended for raping, filming various child students over the course of last 3 years

A priest of a local mosque whose name hasn’t been released to media was arrested on 11th April when the family of his recent abuse viticm, a 9-year-old girl, pressed charges against him.

Arrested cleric with accomplice

He is said to have an accomplice who filmed his heinous crimes for selling them to child porn rings & dark web. Victims who’ve come forward till now include 4 minor girls & a boy. Consequently, two videos were found in his cell phone’s memory card. Police suspect there are at least 20 more hidden in other digital storages from the initial confession of accused’s accomplice. They are trying to recover them.

The rampant child abuse is a constant source of worry for the country of 224 million, as it sees an unprecedented rise of such cases in 2021 compared to yesteryears. There have been 2000 registered in just first 4 months compared to last year’s 1489 in first 6 months.


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